Automated ISP Billing

Streamline your customer accounts and billing process with our automated ISP billing software, saving you time and effort. We are an efficient and reliable online payment service providers in Bangladesh. We offer Visa, Mastercard, BKash, Nagad and UPay. Say goodbye to manual calculations and tedious paperwork, and say hello to increased productivity and improved customer satisfaction.

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Automated ISP Billing
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Automated ISP Billing

Our Automated ISP Billing system is aimed to revolutionize the way internet service providers manage their billing processes. We aim to streamline and automate the entire billing cycle, from generating invoices to processing payments, managing customers’ accounts, and ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. We make it easy to generate bills and process payments.

Our software fully complies with regulatory requirements, such as those set by the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC), ensuring that you meet all necessary guidelines. Our integrated payment service providers offer enhanced security features, including encryption and fraud protection, to protect your customers’ sensitive data.

Contact us today to learn more about how our ISP automated billing software can help you manage your customer accounts and billing processes seamlessly and securely, and how our integrated payment service providers can simplify the payment process for you and your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our automated billing software is designed to streamline your billing processes, reduce errors, and save you time and money. Our software provides centralized management of all your customer accounts, making it easy to generate bills, process payments, and manage customer inquiries.

The software works by integrating with the ISP's existing infrastructure and centralizing customer data. It automatically generates invoices on predefined billing cycles based on each customer's plan and usage. Customers receive instant notifications regarding their billing details, and the system securely processes payments through various payment options.

Yes, our Automated ISP Billing Software is designed to handle multiple billing plans and packages. It is customizable, allowing ISPs to set up diverse billing structures based on different service levels and subscription models.

Absolutely! Customer data security is a top priority. The software employs advanced encryption techniques to ensure the safety and confidentiality of customer information and payment details.

The Automated ISP Billing Software includes automated reminder functionalities. In case of late payments or pending dues, the system sends reminders to customers, reducing the chances of overdue payments and enhancing cash flow.

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