Virtual Data Solutions for M&A, Due Diligence, and Other Use Cases

Virtual Data Solutions for M&A, Due Diligence, and Other Use Cases

A virtual data solution creates an unifying source of truth for all enterprise data, making it immediately available to applications and analytics, without the cost, complexity, and time required by traditional physical data warehouses or ETL. It brings together diverse data sources across on-premises and cloud storage and transforms it into user-friendly views, and delivers it to analytics and applications upon demand. It also eliminates redundant data replication and reduces operational costs with a single virtual repository.

Due Diligence

Both the buy-side as as the sell-side are often required to review documents in order to evaluate the merits of an M&A transaction. VDRs are ideal for this type of data sharing since they offer an organized and secure environment to safely upload, view and analyze information. Watermarks, screenshot security, and a variety of permission options that can be customized are all built-in features that help protect sensitive data during negotiation.

Life Sciences

In the pharmaceutical industry the use of VDRs to manage sensitive information has become more widespread. The demand for this technology is also growing for other uses like regulatory compliance, clinical trials and many other applications.

There are a number of methods to choose the most effective virtual data solutions, such as their security features and feature sets, as well as their pricing structure. It is crucial that the vendor you select meets your organization’s needs in terms of performance as well as scalability and support. Many vendors offer a variety of different plans with various levels of features and sizes to meet a range of scenarios, all with a predictable, consistent cost.