6. Buzzhumble can help you out too

6. Buzzhumble can help you out too

  • They could also be using Bumble on the web, so you want to check for their browser history and look for bumble in it.
  • If you don’t want to look at their phone, you can simply check when they receive a notification: If it has the Bumble logo, they’re on the app!

Viewing Bumble profiles without an account is possible. There’s a search site designed specifically for this purpose: It’s called Buzzhumble.

  • Go to the site,
  • Г‡ekГ§e tanД±Еџma siteleri

  • Enter their name, age, and their location (entering the city only counts as well),
  • Enter your email (that’s where you receive the results),
  • Make the payment,
  • Get the results!

Things to keep in mind while searching for someone on Bumble!

While you’re doing your search, there are a few important things you should consider despite the results you might get in the end:

– The person might have deleted the app but not the account.

A lot of people think that deleting the app will delete their account too, and that’s what they do once they’re done using the app.

So, they might not even be active on the app and appear on it because they weren’t aware that deleting the app doesn’t mean it’s deleting the account/profile.

  • Liking their profile and see if you match,
  • Start a conversation with them,
  • Have a look at their pictures and see if they’re very recent.

– They could be using the Incognito Mode or they could have a fake profile.

If that specific person that you’re looking for on Bumble, is trying to hide from you, they’ll find ways to do so:

– Using Incognito Mode on Bumble will allow the user to hide their profile but be shown to the people the user swipes right to.

– Know what’s a healthy method and what’s an unhealthy method for your relationship.

Talking to your partner (whoever they might be: girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, date) is the healthiest way to solve your doubt. Continue reading “6. Buzzhumble can help you out too”